Patrons Program

Since 2013, SCW.CA has created a procedure to thank our most generous donors. The threshold for giving in terms of funds is $15,000, but we also recognize individuals who have given their time volunteering over a number of years. Our first event in the fall of 2013, recognized three consultants, three contractors, two corporations, one charity, one school and two individuals.

In 2015 we recognized 12 Patrons including seven general contractors, one sub-contractor, one supplier and three individuals.


2015 Patrons                                               2013 Patrons

Aquicon Construction Ltd.                          Allen & Sherriff Architects Inc.

The Atlas Corporation                                 Bondfield Construction Limited

Deciantis Construction Limited                 CS&P Architects Inc.

Maystar General Construction Inc.           Halsall Associates

Percon Construction Inc.                            Michaelle Jean Public School

Tasis Construction Inc.                                Pre-Eng Contracting Ltd.

Remo General Contracting Limited          
Richvale York Block Inc.

Pollard Enterprises Limited                        Second Generation Furnishings Inc.

Engineered Air                                              Transpower Utility Contractors Inc.

Rosslyn Swanson                                         Waladi Child Education Fund of Toronto

Mario Covatta                                               Seemoir Ho

Don Cousins                                                 Annette MacDonald