Completed Projects


# E1801 Los Algarrobos School, Ecuador

This project consisted of a new large classroom inserted into an available spot within the existing school site. The classroom is much larger than the existing classrooms in this school and can accommodate larger class and assemblies of combined classes for various school events.

Construction Cost  $15,000 US
Los-Algarrobos-School-01 Los-Algarrobos-School-02 Los-Algarrobos-School-03 pie-char-los-algarrobos-school

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# 1605 Escuela Los Pinares / Kinder Jose Misael Ulloa

Construction was started in 2017 involving renovations to an existing classroom and construction of a new classroom with washrooms. Total enrolment 75 students

Constructed Cost $53,000 US

#1604 “The Skewed School” Honduras
Escuela Felicita Guzman de Caballero

This project consists of renovations to an existing classroom and construction of a new classroom.

This school has an enrolment of 57 students

Constructed Cost $53,000 US


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Escuela Rural Mixta Alma Rodas de Flallos Sol Resplandecientes

Construction was started in 2015 involving renovations to 2 existing classrooms followed by the construction of 2 new kindergarten classrooms with washrooms and a covered activity area.

Budget  $57,027 US


“The Storefront School”, Honduras
Kinder Emerita Castellanos

With a new site this school replaces a temporary school that was accommodated in a storefront. The project includesa new classrooms and washrooms and a playground.

Budget  $33,345 US


“The Jungle School”, Honduras
Escuela Luis Alfonso Guerra

Located in a remote village, Brisas el Congo, the “Jungle School” includes a new classroom with adjacent washrooms and a playground. SCW Canada has also provided furniture and school supplies.

Budget  $33,708 US

Escuela Edgardo Oyuela, Honduras  Jardin de Ninos Jesus Urbina

In this community of Lajas, Honduras 62 primary school students were attending
classes in a small wooden school and 35 kindergarteners were attending classes
in three nearby houses.

This was a joint project by SCW Canada, The Awty International School in Houston
and the local municipality and community. The project included a new classroom and
a new kindergarten classroom with washroom.

Budget  $43,000 US

Escuela_Edgardo_Oyuela_Photo_1 Escuela_Edgardo_Oyuela_Photo_2




“Matadero School”, Honduras

Escuela Jose Trinidad Reyes y Jardin de Ninos Aquistimula Queepi

This site is located in remote highland village with very limited access, no electricity and limited water supply. The project involved demolition of two existing derelict classrooms  and the construction of one new classroom, one new kindergarten classroom and new washrooms.

Budget $68,803 US

Matadero_School_Photo_1Matadero_School_Photo_2 Matadero_School_Pie_Chart

San Mateo School Phase 2, Ecuador

The San Mateo school offered a unique opportunity for SCW. Here was
the chance to provide a much needed school in a distressed area and
to give a posthumous acknowledgement to Rosslyn Swanson, a very
generous donor and supporter. The school was built in two phases.

The school now serves 700 students, 560 from San Mateo and surrounding
communities and 140 from the nearby town of San Lorenzo. The school not
only provides an excellent learning facility but gives a healthy lunchtime meal
to 700 kids every day. In addition the teachers provide evening classes and
counseling to parents. San Mateo is a poor fishing community and most
parents have little if any formal education. The classes encourage and
enable them to help their children move forward.

Phase 2 consists of three classrooms, a covered kitchen/dining area, a
playground and a retaining wall that claims an area for possible future expansion.

Budget $90,847 US

San_Mateo_School_Phase2_Photo_1 San_Mateo_School_Phase2_Photo_2 San_Mateo_School_Phase2_Pie_Chart

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Villa Real Kindergarten School, Honduras

  • Demolition of an existing classroom
  • 2 new kindergarten classrooms with
    washrooms covered activity space
  • Budget $60,000 US
    (Haines Brands private sponsor)


Kinder Gabriela Caballero, Honduras

Total renovations to 5 existing classrooms
 Budget $63,971 US














Escuela Oscar Armando Agua Zarca Avila, Honduras

1 new classroom
total renovation of 1 classroom
new washroom
covered activity area

Budget $44,002 US

Escuela Oscar Armando _PhotoEscuela_Oscar_Armando_2Escuela_Oscar_Pie_Chart


Escuela Edgardo Oyuelo, Honduras

1 new classroom
Budget $36,366 US


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Villa Real Primary School, Honduras

7 classrooms
Covered activity area

Budget $192,000 USVilla_Real_Primar_School_Honduras_Photo


Lycee Anacaona High School, Haiti
A joint project between SCW Canada and SCW US with construction funded by the Spanish Red Cross to replace the largest high school in Port au Prince that was totally destroyed by the earthquake January 10, 2010. SCW Canada provided the design for     two schools including this school and paid for French translations for the working drawings.
26 classrooms, 2 computer labs,a science lab dining hall and kitchen

Budget $2,650,000 US
(paid by the Spanish red Cross)


San Mateo School Phase 1, Ecuador

3 classrooms, washrooms, administration office and storage
site prep for Phase 2

Budget $103,084 US 



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La Gran Villa Kindergarten School ,Honduras

 a new school with 2 kindergarten classrooms with internal washrooms
covered play space
septic tank

Budget $76,140 US



JFK School Phase 1, Honduras

The JFK School is an existing 16 classroom school on a very tight urban site. SCW Canada prepared a phased redevelopment plan to

renovate and replace classrooms and to upgrade the site drainage and outdoor play facilities.
The Phase 1 project involved:
the renovation of 5 existing classrooms include replacing the roof structure, replacing the existing floor slabs, new doors and windows, new electrical and complete repainting and new classrooms accessories.

Budget $106,331 US


Escuela Juan Morales Reyes, Honduras

demolition of one derelict classroom
one new classroom
renovation of one existing classroom
new washrooms and septic system

Budget $65,580 US
Escuela_Juan_Morales_Reyes_Honduras _Photo_1
Escuela_Juan_Morales_Reyes_Honduras _Photo_2Escuela_Nuevo_El_Eden_Pie_Chart

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Escuela Nuevo El Eden, Honduras

1 new classroom, 1 new Kindergarten classroom
washrooms and septic system
covered activity area

Budget $65,580 US


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Escuela Portillo Norte, Honduras

 a new school with 2 classrooms
water storage element
storage room

Budget $43,000 US


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Escuela Arnold David Sanchez (Pena Blanca), Honduras
  a new 7 classroom school
library/computer room
space for food preparation

Budget $207,000 US

Escuela_Arnold_David_Sanchez _School_Photo


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Escuela Oscar Rodezno Hernandez Meambar, Honduras
roof replacement project
replaced rotting wood roof with new steel roof

Budget $5,000 US


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Escuela Republica de Honduras (Ocotillo), Honduras
1 new classroom
renovations to existing classroom & outdoor classroom

new washrooms and septic system

Budget $23,000 US


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Escuela Jose Cecilio del Valle (Bambu), Honduras
1 new classroom
1 renovated classroom
site improvements

Budget $30,000 US







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