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Since 2009, over 30 school projects completed, over 4,000 students accommodated, $1,300,000 SCWC funding on $2,300,000 total construction costs … consistently 94% of every dollar raised goes directly to construction costs!

About Us
SCW Canada … a totally volunteer organization

Schools for the Children of the World Canada (SCWCanada) is a non-profit charitable organization run by Canadian volunteers. We raise funds in Canada for the design and construction of schools for children in Central and South America. Approximately 94% of all funds raised are used to pay for school project costs. We partner with the local municipalities and communities where our schools are built. All projects are designed and constructed to SCWCanada standards by professionals in the country where each school is located.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower children and their communities in developing countries through the provision of new school facilities, educational opportunities and safe, sustainable and healthy learning environments.

How We Undertake School Projects

SCW.CA creates partnerships with communities which are in dire need of educational facilities. We work together with the representatives of the communities to determine the size of the school and how their site may suffice. If they have the enthusiasm to help with the construction and contribute some funds, we will develop a schematic design and determine a preliminary budget. If the representatives are satisfied, all parties sign a covenant/partnership agreement which identifies the responsibility of each group.

This includes a guaranty that the local government or the community will provide teachers.

Going forward, our construction team, and a local architect develops the design and prepares construction drawings, which are tendered, to contractors. When the work commences with the best contractor, our architectural representative on the site ensures the quality of the work is satisfactory, prepares payment certificates, and signs off on the project at completion. The community representatives help with construction by preparing the site, moving earth as required and sometimes helping with the painting, as examples of their input.

Regarding the financing of the project, SCW.CA pays 50% of all costs, the sweat equity usually amounts to approximately 15%, the community raises 15% and the local government contributes 20%. These percentages vary on every project.

At the conclusion of construction, there is usually a large celebration organized by the community.

Our Accomplishments

Since our inception in 2005, SCW.CA has built or is in the planning stage of nearly twenty schools in Honduras, designed two schools in Haiti, two schools in Ecuador and we continue to make every effort to work with Canada’s First Nations for projects.

Funds Raised to Date

General donations by individuals, corporations and institutions is approaching $480,000 from 2005 up until the end of 2014. This includes donations from a starting point of $25 up to the largest donation of $74,546 (given by one individual). The annual golf tournament which commenced in 2009, has raised over $805,000 up to 2015. The total raised to the end of 2015 is $1,285,000.


Since 2013, SCW.CA has conceived a procedure to thank our most generous donors. The threshold for giving in terms of funds is $15,000, but we also recognize individuals who have given their time volunteering over several years. Our first event in the fall of 2013, recognized three consultants, three contractors, two corporations, one charity, one school and two individuals. This year we have recognized twelve companies and individuals who have donated and volunteered generously to our cause.