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Since 2005
35 Projects Completed or Under Construction
Over 4,000 Students Accommodated
SCWC Funding $1,682,000 – Total Construction Cost $2,996,000

SCW Canada on average contributes 56% of a project’s total construction costs with the balance paid by the local municipality and community. We partner with the local municipalities and communities where our schools are built. All projects are designed and constructed to SCW Canada standards by professionals in the country where each project is located.

Consistently over the past 7 years, 91% of every dollar raised by SCW Canada goes directly to construction costs!

About Us
SCW Canada … a totally volunteer organization

Schools for the Children of the World Canada (SCWCanada) is a non-profit charitable organization run by Canadian volunteers. We raise funds in Canada for the design and construction of schools for children in Central and South America. Approximately 91% of all funds raised are used to pay for school project costs. We partner with the local municipalities and communities where our schools are built. All projects are designed and constructed to SCWCanada standards by professionals in the country where each school is located.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower children and their communities in developing countries through the provision of new school facilities, educational opportunities and safe, sustainable and healthy learning environments.

How We Undertake School Projects

SCW.CA creates partnerships with communities which are in dire need of educational facilities. We work together with the representatives of the communities to determine the size of the school and how their site may suffice. If they have the enthusiasm to help with the construction and contribute some funds, we will develop a schematic design and determine a preliminary budget. If the representatives are satisfied, all parties sign a covenant/partnership agreement which identifies the responsibility of each group.

This includes a guarantee that the local government or the community will provide teachers.

Going forward, our construction team and a local architect develops the design and prepares construction drawings, which are tendered, to contractors. When the work commences with the best contractor, our architectural representative on the site ensures the quality of the work is satisfactory, prepares payment certificates, and signs off on the project at completion. The community representatives help with construction by preparing the site, moving earth as required, and sometimes helping with the painting, as examples of their input.

Regarding the funding of each project, SCW Canada pays a minimum of 50% of all costs with the municipality contributing approximately 30% and the local community contributing 20% in labour and materials. The contribution by SCW Canada varies on every project depending on the financial capability of the local government and the community. In some cases, SCW Canada has funded 100% of the total costs of a project.

At the conclusion of construction, there is usually a large celebration organized by the community.

Our Accomplishments

Since our inception in 2005, SCW Canada has completed 28 projects in Honduras and 5 in Ecuador. We have also designed two replacement schools in Haiti. We currently have one project, Esuela Crucitas # 1 in Honduras.

Funds Raised to Date

Funds raised through our yearly golf tournament and donations by individuals, corporations, and institutions to date in 2022 total approximately $ 1,850,000.


H2203 Crucitas #1 Elementary School
El Negrito,Yoro, Honduras

The current classroom has a capacity of 22 kids but currently 58 children are going to this school from kindergarten to 6th grade. Sometimes they need to use the old wooden classroom in back because there is so little space. This school serves 50 families from the surrounding area. This community is located in a mountainous area.

SCW Canada will build 2 new classrooms with washrooms and will renovate the existing classroom. In May Directors Norm Grey-Noble and Carl Derocher visited the site which had been cleared for construction.

Construction Cost  $103,547 USD

H2203_Crucitas_Photo_1H2203_Crucitas_Photo_2H2203_Crucitas_Photo_3H2203_Crucitas_Photo_4H2203 Crucitas #1 Elementary School