David Mitchell, B.Arch., U of T, 1971, OAA, FRAIC, President

Norman E. Grey-Noble, B.Arch.,U of T, 1972, OAA, Past President, Director

John Gregoris, P. Eng.,U of T, 1975, Vice-President

Tania Antenucci Quiñonez, Vice President of Media and Communications

Douglas Allen, B. Arch., U of T, 1956, OAA, FRAIC, Founding Past President, Director

David J. Snelgrove, P. Eng., BSc. UW, 1970,Director for Honduras Projects

John Stephenson, P. Eng., B.A.Sc., U of T, 1963, Director

Don Pocock, Director, and Secretary

John Fisher, B. Arch.U of T, 1961, OAA, Director for Ecuador Projects

Jorge Osorio, B. Eng., McGill U., 1989, M. Eng. McGill U., 1991, M.B.A., U of T, 2006, Director

Bob Both, Director

Bryce Eldridge, P.Eng., PSC EE, UNB, 1973, MBA UWO 1979, Director


Helen Grey- Noble, Treasurer


Past Directors

Late, Ronald A. McKnight, Past Founding Vice President

Dylan Marando, Past President

Annette R. MacDonald, Past Founding Secretary and Treasurer

Maureen O’Shaughnessy, Director

Richard Armstrong, Director