2021 Projects

#H 2001 Instituto Doug Allen
Las Lajas, Comayagua,

SCW Canada has partnered with the Municipal Government of Las Lajas, the Community of Lajas, and the Ministry of Education of Las Lajas to build a new high school which is desperately needed to serve students in this community as well as a number of adjacent communities. This project will provide secondary school education which is currently not available.

The first phase of construction comprises four large classrooms with washrooms. The curriculum will include instruction in a number of trades in addition to core subjects. Subsequent phases will include additional classrooms and shops.

The site of the school has been provided by the local municipality of Las Lajas, the community will provide some labour and materials and the Ministry of Education guarantees the provision of teachers for the school.

Construction commenced in February 2020 but was delayed due to Covid 19 as well as two hurricanes in the fall of 2020. Construction resumed in January 2021 and it is intended that the first phase will be completed by August 2021.

Construction Cost For Phase 1    $126,809.04 USD
SCW Canada Share                       $ 65,583.90
Municipality / Community Share  $ 61,225.14

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